The most influential search engines, such as Google, realized that click fraud is a real problem for many online businesses years ago. 12 years ago the main search engine was sued because of its inability to detect click fraud. The result of the process was a $90M finet and the promise to modify Google click fraud detection. The situation has improved for sure. But any online business dealing with PPC can`t relax still: click fraud monitoring is still an essential part of business. In other words, the problem wasn’t solved and many people still wonder how to detect click fraud. The largest and the most influential businesses are already implementing all the possible methods to detect click fraud. Are you among them?

After all, what is Google click fraud and how does it work?

To explain it in simple words I will tell that click fraud is when bots are clicking the advertisement to increase click-through-rate of ads, which leads to reduction of real users clicks. It results in utilization of daily ad impression for a website (the amount of time an advertisement pops up at search results page) and forwarding clicks to another website. This is one of the most popular tactics of the competitors who don’t want to play by the rules. I won’t tell you that it is unethical because you must understand it yourself. So you still don`t think that it is crucial to monitor click fraud?


The thing is that many online businesses specialize on fraudulent activity, some websites even offer a full list of “the keywords your rivals use for organic traffic generation and PPC”. Yes, it`s not fair, but Internet business as well as any business is far from being 100% fair. That why you should never doubt the necessity of click fraud monitoring because Google click fraud detection doesn’t work properly.

The goal of fraudulent activity connected to clicks is to exhaust your PPC budget and lead you to a zero conversion rate. In other words, with 10 K visitors and inability to detect click fraud you can have a zero conversion rate. Because all the clicks will be made by bots with no soul! So if you just joined a great world of PPC and if you know little about marketing you will learn a lot of new things reading it.

Does Google Use Effective Click Fraud Monitoring Systems?

Of course, such big search engines as Google are doomed to use some methods of click fraud detection and users` protection. It is especially important after lawsuits which were also exhausting for Google. Google click fraud detection was updated, but was it a success?


The main and the most popular search engine on the planet ( and I`m talking about Google for sure) has some built-in click fraud protection. I will describe all Google does to make PPC more or less stable and profitable. The question that you have in your mind now must sound like: “Well, if Google click fraud detection methods work, why would someone pay for additional click fraud protection?”The thing is the methods Google uses to save their users from the army of bots fall far short of what online businessmen actually need. And here is why:

Google Click Fraud Tools

The most influential and popular engine in the world has a special team called an Ad Traffic Quality Team. There are two major fraud detection tools, such as spider tool, that help to detect click fraud for Google.

All in all, there are 3 major things that Google utilizes to detect click fraud:

  • Offline analysis: This is a deeper analysis of ad traffic which is performed by humans in most cases. But it`s only activated when something extraordinary happens.
  • Reactive analysis: The biggest art of what is done by Google with the intention to detect click fraud is reactive. What does it mean? It means that the search engines don’t use effective click fraud monitoring systems and do something only when there is a need to find out the cause of a problem. Moreover, in case of a problem and online businessman is actually left to do the main work by analyzing traffic and google click fraud detection tool appears as just some complementary help. In many cases this tool doesn’t help to solve a broader problem.And it`s a rather time-consuming click-fraud monitoring tool.
  • Proactive filters utilization: website traffic is reviewed with the help of these filters with the desire to detect any fraudulent activity. It`s an automated way of click fraud monitoring.

In reality click fraud monitoring and detection performed by Google is not sufficient.

One case exposed by a famous blogger proves that click fraud monitoring system provided by Google is weak. The case showed how a Russian hacker offered clients blocking their competitors` ads for a day for as much as $100.What is weird is that Google couldn’t spot him and couldn’t detect click fraud performed by him.

Many people who know how to detect click fraud try to fight with fraudulent activity by themselves! When they realize that Google click fraud monitoring system is not working properly to protect them they decide to solve problems without additional fuss. For instance, Scott Hendison, and Oregon businessman revealed that the majority of clicks came from the same IP address to him and he wrote the message to the bot that was performing this fraudulent activity which popped up the next time the IP address reached his website. But that`s not how problems must be solved because a fraudulent activity is rarely performed using the same IP. Besides, here is more information about click fraud detection measures to protect your online business.

In most cases online businessmen don’t have time and skills to detect click fraud and find a reliable way to prevent it in future. Luckily there is software which makes it 100% effectively. This software was designed to analyze users` behavior pattern on a deep level ( following all their clicks, mouse movements and views). This software can not only detect click fraud but can prevent it in further by blocking all bots. This is an excellent click fraud monitoring tool which will pay off really quickly as it will make your PPC actually profitable. Google click fraud detection and prevention is not what you want for your business.