Reckless driving of Justin Bieber has recently been explained like a try to run away from aggressive paparazzi. Well, frankly speaking, due to the radars, the car’s flying made it impossible to check out. Let us represent it – Fisher Karma, wrapped in mirror-like chrome, price $110 thousands, an object of furious rage of Flo Rida with his chromed Bugatti Veyron (almost $2,5 million) and other quite wealthy seekers of spotlight.

As David Maxwell (West Coast Customs Sales director) says, if you want to be different and stand out of others, just paint your car in metallic vinyl, buy a gloss black mirror, provide doors with titan door handles and afford all those chrome enhancements everybody dream about. Even though it’s not a cheap process at all, and almost no one can afford such service. Then you’ll be cool. Then you’ll cut through the clutter.


Speaking about a vinyl chrome wrap, the price policy starts varies from $20 up to $60 thousands (in case you want to get a paint job with chrome). Nobody notices keeping out and rude violation of good taste, but everybody admits that chrome ride allows some contradiction of existing laws of taste.

Because of such glaring effect, in 2009 Specialty Car Craft owner Steve Saghdejian refused to film a well-known vehicle, as it was dangerous on the road. Why? Well, the sun reflection from the car was so glaring and bright, that it could strike blind a person standing on the opposite side of the road. That could result in a lawsuit of almost $100 million! That’s why they decided to choose the better of two evils: they made a client sign waivers discharging the company from liability. Afterwards, Saghdejian gave an advice for chrome car drivers to drive after the sun is down, as the average client had more cars in their garage to drive during daylight.

Dub magazine run by CEO and Editor Myles Kovacs regularly displays mirror-finished cars of nouveaux riches who strive for flaunting their affluence. Kovacs call them “New Money Guys”. Although it is outrages sometimes, and even gross, but thanks to recognized people it immediately turns into being the hottest stuff.


Anyway, arms race of those wishing to have the brightest and the flashiest car is still existing and growing. More and more colors add just to stand out of others – silver, metallic blue (like Smurf color), green (like Gatorade) and pink (the “screaming” shades of it).