We keep on talking about experience, mistakes, and feedbacks from the past. After Go Back and Start Again we decided to go on with the issue of learning from the past. It could be often heard “If only I knew what I know today…” Yes, we learn from our mistakes, but what a shame to realize that we could avoid those mistakes if we knew what we know today.

So, let’s reconsider what we can teach young generation for them to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

  • Cash flow planning. Ken Boyd, Founder and Owner of St Louis Test Prep, states that planning cash flow is a very serious issue. It’s mandatory to take into consideration such notion as receivables. Sometimes your profit may be slight, so there a lack of cash for operating may appear. Then, you will need some additional cash to be put into your business, and that may create a financial strain for you. Think it over and make conclusions.

  • Being proactive. Are you reactive? Well, it good for you. The experience of David Bird, an Advisor of Online Mortgage, flashes back to the time when he was rather reactive than proactive. And, in fact, he regrets about that. David says, if he had a chance to go through startup again, he would not try to manage with daily tasks so hard, he would delegate tasks and did all his best to increase the new business.

  • Firm pricing. With regard to the Owner of Connect The Dots PR Vanessa Wade, everybody would like to have a win-win situation. But she would like to make pricing higher but firm. What for? To invest time to show what the client is paying higher price for.

  • Target clientele. Parisnicole Payton, The PNP Agency Publicist, started her PR firm in the beginning of 90th. She was so striving to have clients so much that everyone who came to ask for her services became her client. But now she feels sorry when remembering about those times. She says she should be more selective in choosing a client and value services of her firm.

  • Outsourcing and online incorporation. These two issues were considered to be important by Ravi Duddukuru, the Founder of SuperLiked. Firstly, it is not necessary to do everything yourself. Delegate, outsource as much as you can. You have to be in the market as soon as possible. You have to do all testing, email marketing, etc. Outsourcing is what you need. Lots of big companies, like Shopping Cart Elite, work with people all over the world. and lots of them use outsourcing.

Too much paperwork may become disastrous for your time management and daily routine. The idea of an online corporation website would be very appropriate and suitable for the occasion. You can finish your work with some clicks and all necessary documents would be in order in one place.