chrome car accessories

The Chrome Warehouse is very well known for all the chrome car accessories, be it for the interior or even the other important parts of the car. While there is an array of parts to choose from, there is an abundance of exterior car parts in their stock. The main intention of having all the necessary car parts under one roof is to facilitate and help people find all the accessories in just one place and not wander about in different places. This helps a lot in not just saving time but even goes easy on your pocket because the prices are one of the most reasonable ones.

Some of the important categories that will be discussed in this specific article include:

· Body Kits

· Bumpers

· Grille Guards

· Towing and Hitches

· Tonneau Covers

There are a number of best sellers under these specific categories which will be the main focus of discussion in order to help people get an idea about the parts and accessories that are sold in the Chrome Warehouse.

Body Kits

The category of aero-ground effects and body kits mainly include spoilers for different models of vehicles. For people who are unaware of what spoilers are, they are a type of aerodynamic device that is primarily used for proper channelling and movement of the air across the entire vehicle when it is in motion. These are a very important part of the external accessories of a car and are often termed as air dams as well.

G-Wing Spoiler 217

There are a number of spoilers that are available in the chrome car accessories and all of them have the same specification like the other. It is necessary to note that these are just different for the different vehicles because of the fit. Most of these spoilers are customisable and can have the design that the customer wants to have.


It is important to note that it is specific for the specific cars because the part is non-adjustable. It is thus best to glance through the application list to have a clear idea if or not it is suitable for your car. The price of these g-wing spoilers are set at $514.95 which maybe be different for the different models of car.

Spoiler 202L

Now that we have discussed the normal non-adjustable and specific spoilers for the specific car type, the Chrome Warehouse also has spoilers which are contrary to the above. These set of spoilers manufactured by AMI are not just adjustable but customisable as well. Much like the previous non-adjustable ones, they are also of the same price.


The installation of these spoilers might seem a bit tricky and it is best to get all the professional help without trying to do the same if you have no knowledge about them.


Amidst all the categories listed under the exterior accessories, the bumpers probably have the most amounts of sub-categories and parts to look through. It is necessary to understand that the same is because there are a number of accessories, big and small, that are required to get the vehicle working properly.


Some of the important sub-categories under the same include:

· Bumper and Nerf Bar kit

· Bumper Assembly

· Bumper Bracket

· Bumper Corner

· Bumper Cover

· Bumper D-ring

· Bumper D-ring mount

· Bumper End

· Bumper Grille

· Bumper Grille Insert

· Bumper Guard

· Bumper Over-rider

· Bumper Trim

· Bumper Valance

· License Plate Bracket

While these may look like a lot, we are going to be focusing on the bestseller amidst these categories to give a deeper and clear insight to all the chrome accessories for cars under these categories


Rugged Ridge License Plate Mounting Bracket

In many of the places, a license plate in the front of the vehicle is a necessity which can definitely stand out to be a concern if the car doesn’t have a mounting bracket in the front. The Chrome Warehouse has a definitive solution of the same with the license plate mounting bracket by Rugged Ridge.

The installation of this doesn’t require for you to drill holes but simply attaches itself to the winch fairlead saving up on the hard work. These come with a holder which can directly be attached by unhooking the holders. Another great thing about this is that it is nothing permanent and can be readjusted and unhooked whenever necessary. The price of it is $36.99.


Rugged Ridge D-ring shackles

These D-Ring shackles by Rugged Ridge have been marked to be one of the best when it comes to the quality and the durability of it. Not just that, this D-Ring has a 3/4 inch pin attached to it which helps in carrying a maximum work load limit of 9,500 lbs. These come in two colour variants and are best to recover any kind of stuck Jeeps.

These are fit for a number of vehicles and the application list can sure help a lot more with the same. The price of these D-Ring shackles is $28.99 for the smaller one and $36.99 for the bigger one.


Rugged Ridge Stainless Steel Front Bumper

The front bumpers are not just for decoration but are a necessity as well. The Rugged Ridge Stainless steel front bumper is made to not just support the Jeep that you are driving but also make it look a lot different than the normal models. They come with a number of holes up front for that slight different look to it.

The installation is easy and doesn’t require any kind of drilling. It comes with a bolt-on fit which ensures a tight and strong grip. These series of round holes add a definitive style statement to the vehicle that you are driving. The price varies from $129.99-$136.99.


Rugged Ridge Rear Bumperette

These rear bumperettes improve the look of the jeep and provides a longer life for it. They are made from stainless steel which is coated with black powder for that sharp and edgy look. Much like most of the car accessories by Rugged Ridge, even this one is easy to install without any drilling hassle.

The Bumperette come with the necessary hardware along with the package which even saves you the hassle of buying them separately. It costs $35.99 but it may change depending on the customisation and the model of the vehicle.


Rugged Ridge Spartacus Bumpers, Over-rider, Tire Carrier and grille

This entire package is something that is one of the best sellers on this website. This practically covers up all the important bumper accessories that are necessary and required. The entire kit consists of a 11-inch bumper made of gauge-steel along with adjustable front and rear bumpers. The other important accessories in the kit include over-rider bar, some D-ring shackles, tire carrier and a Spartan grille.

The price of the entire kit is less than $2,500 which is definitely a great value for money, given the number of things that come in the kit.


Rugged Ridge Plastic Tube Bumper End Cap

If there are missing bumper end caps that are ruining the look of your vehicle, it is definitely time to get the Rugged Ridge Plastic Tube Bumper End Cap to replace them and complete the look. These tubular rubber caps fir three inch tube bumpers and fits in easily without any hassle. They are made from durable rubber which ensures that these last for a long time. They are primarily sold individually and cost around $5.

Grille guards

There are over 1200 variants of grille guards and parts under the category depending on the car and the type of vehicle you own. Most of them have the same specifications and have the same functions and installation process.


T-Rex Grille

Amidst all the major ones, the T-Rex Grille sure does stand out amidst the lot because of their quality and availability. The material used into making it is primarily stainless steel which makes it rust proof and weather resistant. This in turn helps in increasing the durability of the part and makes your investment worthwhile. The price of the grilles manufactured by this specific company starts from $129.39.

Towing and Hitches

These are the accessories which are used rarely but it is best to keep them handy in case you need them. The Tow Strap and the Trailer Tow Harness are main things to focus on under this specific category and we have mentioned the two best sellers from each of the categories down below for better reference.


Rugged Ridge Trailer Wiring Harness

These harnesses are customised to fit with a bolt-on action to the rear of the car for easy towing whenever required. The entire harness is covered with a powder coat design which definitely makes it not just rust proof but helps withstand harsh weather conditions. It has a maximum tow-rating of 3,500 lbs and a maximum tongue weight rating of 350 lbs and costs $30.99.

Rugged Ridge Recover Strap

These heavy duty recovery straps are made of mildew proof nylon which is best suited for absorbing any extra and unnecessary shocks. It comes in different size and lengths depending on the requirement. The three major categories are 2x30 feet, 3x30 feet and 4x30 feet which costs $32.99, $42.99 and $100.99 respectively.


A few final words

The Chrome Warehouse has been acclaimed for their different variants of chrome accessories for cars and it is necessary to know that they have outstood every single time with their amazing quality and services. None of the sold parts are faulty or unworthy of the investment which is definitely why it is time to switch lanes and check out the various chrome car parts for a good and reasonable price.