If you are a businessman who wants to get their business flourishing and expanding, making it available on the internet is probably the easiest yet the best way to do so. It is best to note that there are several ways to do so. There are a number of ways by which you can set up your website and the usage of the shopping cart software stands out amidst the lot. It is best to know the ins and outs of the same to be able to decipher the best way out to make your brand stand out amidst the sea of other such e-commerce software solutions.

While there are a few types of available software service providers, the hosted shopping cart software sure does excel out amidst the lot of them. The self hosted software solutions can be a lot more customisable and might seem like the cheaper variant but it definitely isn’t.

In this very article, we are going to be focusing on the hosted shopping cart software and how to choose the best one and the benefits that they provide in comparison to the normal self hosted services.

What is hosted e-commerce software?

Before we jump right into mentioning the things to look for before choosing software and their benefits, it is best to understand what the concept of hosted e-commerce software entails. The hosted shopping cart software unlike the self hosted platforms is the one that uses a third party team to handle the technicalities of the website. The hosted software doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed per say but the same is provided under the hosted service provider. This is much different in comparison to the other type of open software because of a number of reasons.


One of the great things is that you don’t have to stress about any of the work put into the marketing or promotion or even the security of the website because that is exactly what you pay the team running the software.

What to look out for before choosing hosted shopping cart software?

The intention of every merchant to make their business and brand online is to ensure the generation of more sales and profits. Increasing the online presence of the say is the best way to ensure the same. While there has been a booming increase of the same with the Facebook commerce along with the same on the mobile platforms, the hosted shopping cart software is like the building bricks of the same.


Some of the things to look out for prior to investing in hosted e-commerce software include:

Choosing the correct e-commerce software is the first thing that needs to be assured because it’s their services which ensures the widespread expansion of the brand’s name on the internet. It has been seen that the hosted shopping cart software much like the ShoppingCartElite are the ones which create that difference gradient for the growing popularity of the e-commerce website.

The hosted solutions tend to offer a lot more leniency and a lot less for the merchant to worry about. The entire data of the website is chalked out and a detailed report is done by the service providers to find out the scopes of betterment and the areas that need to be worked on. This, in turn, helps for you to focus on the much more important aspects of the business rather than fretting about the technical side of the website.


· Avoid paying more for minimal services

The next thing that needs to be kept into account if the amount of money that you need to pay for availing the services of the e-commerce software. There is several of the “popular” e-commerce software which ends being charging a lot more than what the other newbies would charge for the same kind of services. There are several merchants who can afford to spend more than $400 a month for these services but this necessarily doesn’t mean they are the best in the market just because of their hiked prices.

It is always best to do a thorough research before investing the money on any of the software solutions. There are several of the service providers which provide with top notch services for a bare minimum price of $100 for the entire package which is definitely a lot more reasonable and affordable as well. The hosted shopping cart software ends up charging around 20% of the entire price range. This price is something that is definitely perfect for small businesses which have limited investment budgets for the same.


The lesser the investment you have to make on a hosted shopping cart software, the more you can save the amount to invest on other important marketing tools like the Pay per click or even for the Search Engine Optimisation.

· Understand the features of the software

The next thing in line is to find the software that provides the features and services that your website requires. It is very much the most important thing to look for because you simply don’t want to invest an amount on hosted shopping cart software that ends up not providing with the services that your e-website actually needs.


You definitely want to look for e-commerce software that provides with free features that works in the best interest for the said website. It is important to ensure the same because it is the features that make the investment worthwhile.

· Look for the free trial periods

The last but not the least is to look for the trial period that the hosted shopping cart software offers. This comes a lot in handy in understand how the software works and if it matches up to the requirements of the website. Most of such websites offer a 30 day trial which sure does come a lot in handy to test out the features and see if they are efficient.


Testing out the features sure does help understand the dynamics of the software to be able to test it out for the website. It also gives you a fair bit of idea in comparing the same services to the other software solutions and then make the final decision.

What are the benefits of using hosted shopping cart software?

There are thousands of options that are available on the internet and it thus becomes a lot harder to choose the one that stands out in the crowd. It is best to thus understand the requirements and look for why people are opting for the hosted e-commerce software to get a better and clearer picture about the same.


Some of the benefits of using hosted shopping cart software include:

· Lesser amount of investment

Many of the businessmen setting up their own e-commerce website tend to find ways to cut down on their investments. While this may seem like a good option, it sure doesn’t help in expanding the business like you want it to. The self-hosted, open source shopping cart software is often a lot tempting because of the free services that they offer.


While the software itself doesn’t cost any kind of money, the plug-ins that you need to buy tend to add up to more and most of the times, you end up spending more than you would expect. With the hosted software solutions, the charges are either on a monthly basis or a yearly basis, depending on the service provider you choose. Shopping Cart Elite tends to charge on a monthly basis which is a lot less in comparison to what the other software charges.

· Easy to access to use


The best thing about a hosted service provider is that every single part of the software is customised. This comes a lot in handy because you wouldn’t have to stress around trying to find the use of a specific plug-in or wrack your tech skills to get that to work.

Availing hosted shopping cart software lets you get started on the website within a short time span without any kind of hassle. It is the service provider much like ShoppingCartElite who handles the payments and the checking out processes once the customers finish their purchases.

· Proper customer service

With a hosted service, you wouldn’t have to fret if something goes wrong because the customer support will fix the same for your website. The monthly fees that you are providing for the services sure do have a number of benefits, the customer assistance being the very important one. there might be several technical issues right after you launch the website and with the hosted services, the team behind the service provider ensures that such problems do not persist.


The team of skilled professionals working for Shopping Cart Elite just know the importance of not letting the e-commerce website down because every single second wasted sure does account to a downsize in the sales.

· Update and security

The next thing in line is the constant updates that are included by the service provider to upgrade the user interface of the website. This is definitely a huge added bonus because the upgrades ensure more efficiency which is exactly what you want in an e-commerce website.


The security of the e-commerce website is yet another aspect of the website that the software solutions look after. They provide with the much needed SSL encryption to ensure that none of the personal credentials of the customers are exposed out to the prying eyes.

All in all, the hosted shopping cart software like ShoppingCartElite are one of the most popular and efficient type of service providers and it is best to choose the one correctly and watch the website gain the kind of recognition that you want it to gain.