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Check Your Website - Tips To Follow

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The decision of creating a brand new website for your product was made. Though it may be quite a daunting challenge, here we’ve got a checklist to help you to deal with that.


· A good copywriter means quality content.

The site architecture will be thought through with the help of content writers. They should be taught with the key strategy, just for you to be sure that the texts are keyword-rich. It will make easier for search engines to find your website.


· Finding exact elements.

We mean those elements that you might want to see on the pages of your website. That is pictures, staff bios and photos, mission targets, icons of credibility, product description, service details, feedbacks and testimonials. The site architect can help you with finding those elements.


· Title rich with keywords.

Keyword-rich headings and titles are mandatory. For the visitors of your site it should be immediately clear what your website is about and what product you present.


· Images names with keywords and tags.

When giving names to the images on your website, use keywords and alt tags. Alt tags allow “reading” of your images for search engines.


· Teamwork.

SEO expert, a content writer and a website architect must work as a team. Creation of users-friendly site map depends on their work. Use search engines Google, Ask or Bing to submit it. Of course, you can do it yourself, but for your SEO expert it would be much easier to get access to the most impactful search engines.


· No Flash animation.

You homepage does not need animation. Of course, you may say that this is the first that attract attention of visitors. So, why not? Let us explain – if there is a flash animation, Google won’t show your website in its search.


· Blogs availability.

Blogs should be available ON your website, but not separately from it. It’s a simple way for renewing content and current information.


· GA installation.

Using Google Analytics would of a great help for you to track and support the presence of your site in the results of Google search.


· Choose the best tracking methods.

Tracking methods for your website are to be found and tracking codes to be installed. With the help of it you’ll be able to track inquiries (emails, calls, forms of contacts); also, you might include confirmation or “thank you” pages to your forms of contact tracking.


· Isolating data.

Isolate IP addresses of everybody working on your website and make it inaccessible; use GA data for that. It will help you to divide addresses and general traffic of websites, and figure our data of the visitors more accurately.


· Test everything and edit if needed.

Before launching and going live, let your web developer to check everything, test it and edit it if needed. After activating your website, check the time available to make some adjustments. Some operational needs that appear as a result of website inquiries (like round-the-clock chat or click-to-call) should be set up.


· Social media included.

Make connection of your website and social media profiles where you are very active. If there is any blog of yours, make it comfortable for users to share information to their pages.


We hope you are not overloaded with all this major informational tips. Moreover, we haven’t mentioned some minor yet. If you are overwhelmed indeed, use services of companies like Shopping Cart Elite for making right content and having correct marketing of your site.

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