DIY Concrete Countertops in the Bathroom: For who? How? Why?

Is it possible to make the bathroom space in the style of laconic and elegant Japanese minimalism? Or to give preference to the classical style? And what if you install a built-in bath, mounted in the podium? And can you buy an innovative shower cabin with a hydromassage panel? And if you do not finish the floors in the bathroom with tiles, but with natural stone or sea pebbles?

And what about DIY concrete countertops in the bathroom? Wood? Is it acceptable to use in the bathroom? But before you start out in search of extravagant decisions and stylistic delights for the bathroom, it’s worth answering the simplest questions, which, at first glance, are not referred to design at all.


· Who will use the bathroom?

Obviously, all those people living under the same roof, from small ones to adults, will use the bathroom as intended. A lonely girl or a young man, a married couple or a family with small children, elderly people or several generations, who have to share one living space - all have different needs, habits and views on life. In large apartments it is possible to equip several bathrooms. One of them, as a rule, adjoins the master bedroom, the second one is meant for children, the third one, which can be located not far from the living room, is considered for guests’ use. But, this luxury cannot be afforded by many. In most cases, the only bathroom becomes a space for compromise. And in order for none of the family members to remain “overboard”, one must answer the following question.

· What kind of lifestyle are the owners doing?

Someone is entirely devoted to work, and spends evenings in public places. The house, at the same time, is only a bedroom to spend night and have a sleep. Bath is not essential here; there is not enough time for a refreshing shower. Others show exceptional hospitality and often leave friends or relatives to spend night in their apartment. The guest bathroom here is really necessary, and the master bath requires a separate location. And if a young mother and children spend most of their time at home? Then the bath should become comfortable for small bathers, quite spacious, safe and necessarily cheerful - after all for children, bathing is not only a hygienic procedure. It’s a game! Elderly couple also needs a particularly comfortable environment. In the bathroom designed for them, one must take into account the limited mobility and vulnerability of venerable seniors.


For young, successful, self-sufficient

The lonely owner of the fashionable studio admits that he sleeps only at home. He, not without pride, considers himself to be in a cohort of young and successful. For his fast career he has to pay a busy rhythm of his life and lack of free time. A large bath with DIY concrete countertop may not be needed for such a tenant. DIY concrete countertops next to a shower cabin with necessary equipment will become a reasonable alternative. Since young and ambitious man has almost no time to clean and keep the order, his bathroom should not be demanding for care.


In such a case, an ideal will be the style of techno or minimalism – almost no furniture, just shower cabin and DIY concrete countertop with built-in sink. Also, these are hanging accessories, smooth tiles, the absence of any rugs and curtains that require washing. At the same time, the bathroom of a successful professional must show and express his high ambitions. This is all about aesthetics and perfection of new technologies even in building a DIY concrete countertop. For example, an innovative shower panel with hydromassage function will be the best solution. The same about DIY concrete countertops.

To find out more variants and ideas, look through the pictures of DIY concrete countertops in the catalogue of Concrete Countertop Solutions website.


For the youngest and their parents

The family with young children, first and foremost, pays attention to functionality, comfort and convenience. Building a bathroom with DIY concrete countertops, the designer tries to exclude the elements that may be dangerous for kids. Here you will never see stairs and scaffolding from which the child can fall. Baffles are excluded, as they make access to the bath more complicated. In this case, one shower won’t be enough - the kids need to splash, after all! Therefore, a large bath and shower complement each other. For convenience, traditional faucets in the mixer are replaced with levers, and the bath is equipped with an automatic stopper. The white color of the tile is as if it was made to keep the bathroom clean. Even in this emphatically simple and functional environment it is worthwhile to find a place for a changing table for a baby (DIY concrete countertop can serve for that also), lockers for cosmetics, towels and a first aid kit.


For her and for him

They are young, both work enthusiastically, they plan having children not now, but later. A married couple pays much attention to their new home. They spend evenings here, they often receive guests. In the mornings each of them hurries to work, and cannot wait at the bathroom door while the beloved half brushes his or her teeth. For them, the optimal option was a spacious room with two wash basins built in the DIY concrete countertop, a large bathroom and separate entrances. Here, young people will be able to fulfill their desire for design experiments - to apply a finish of concrete, to cover the floors with exotic wood. Their financial capabilities allow them to pay for expensive finishing materials and branded bathroom accessories from famous designers.


For the venerable couple

Grandmother and grandfather requirements for the bathroom are almost the same as those of their young grandchildren. It is better to make the bath partially built-in the floor, so that the elderly person could more easily dip into it and go out. In addition, the handles that help to stand up will be an essential part of the bathroom equipment. A smooth floor tile must necessarily be covered with anti-slip rugs. An alternative to the bathtub can be a comfortable shower equipped with a chair for sitting. For a respectable family it is better to give preference to warm ecological aesthetics than to cold minimalism.

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