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When it is all about building of megabuck business, first one should think about the choice of the appropriate platform, which could speed up the growth of one’s store online. The appropriate features of the chosen platform for ecommerce business can be very helpful for the store owners in the matter of profits, reliability and customers’ credibility. In case the choice is wrong and the platform is not right for you, your business one day may start drowning in the different formalities that will just consume your free time; and processes, which will spend your time for nothing and exhaust your energy.

As far as ecommerce is expanding steadily, it may take a lot of time to find out the platform that will be supported with the right shopping cart software. What may be the results after investing funds in Magento, Shopping Cart Elite or Shopify?


Let us start with clarifying what in general integration of shopping cart software means, as the vital point is the efficiency of shopping cart software and successfully it helps to meet the goals you have set for your business. In online marketing area there are lots of problem issues, and one of the most serious is the business owners and small companies that simply don’t know how to deal with selling the products online. So, this is the point where the awareness about appropriate shopping cart software appears.

There may be different results after choosing not relevant shopping cart software, which may lead to losing sales, lack of customers, as they just abandon their shopping carts because of technical issues of the platform that you have chosen and signed up for.

While choosing shopping cart, remember that you need it in order to set business target of yours, weigh your activity and integrate reliable payment gateways. After scaling your business there will be the result that will lead you to the decision making. In the final count you will search for the platform for ecommerce, which will speed up and make the customer service better in order to satisfy the increasing trend of mobile mainstream use.

So, let’s take a closer look on how Shopping Cart Elite, Shopify, Magento or other ecommerce solutions male your ecommerce store efficient, starting with a system of shopping cart.


Hosted solution of Shopify or Magento signifies that all has already been done for you. In case your cart brought to you by the hosting service is on the cuff, you will have then just a cash register, the big and old one; unfortunately, nothing more than this.


What does a shopping cart do? Its function is calculating purchases and taking the information of the customers’ credit cards. No much customization is necessary, as well as configuration. And here it is the moment when you might face the problem.

Paying from $60-80 a month, you have the possibility to choose the template, add those products you want to add and then you are ready to move on. But such costs amount might not meet you ecommerce needs fully; and thus, affect the features of your shopping cart because of the problems of hosting.


· Speed

Present day customer is not very patient to wait for the websites to respond, and such fact evidently influence the sales you make. One more possible situation is to find an experienced IT expert who will help you to detect faults, prevent troubles and hosting issues every time when the server does not respond or completely fails.


Such all-in-one solution for hosting of Magento and Shopify may be the option as for price-and-convenience ratio, but may be not so functional as the reliable shopping cart should be. On the contrary, Shopping Cart Elite provides integrated solution, in which data, design and etc. of you shopping cart software will be outsourced.

That means, there will be no need to face endless reporting problems and concerns about coding.


· Function Checks

Speaking of Magento or Shopify, you may be offered with some individual projects; such projects are a part of integral hosting solution. As for the Shopping Cart Elite, it works in order to help your online store perform all the functions automatically with the help of completely managed hosting surrounding.


Once more, make sure of the correct choice of the package: it should not lead you to technical issues or such troubles like website failure; otherwise you will get more headaches, but not benefit.

· Functional design

Here, we will speak about upgrading of it. Some integrated solutions may have a reasonable price and be very accessible. Nevertheless, each time you want to upgrade and make the checkout release newer, all the previous design elements can be removed and no longer applicable.


If you see that there are some problems in the process of check out, it is self-evident that you as a business owner don’t want to lose neither sales nor customers. Every time you make upgrade, there could be some fixing of the bugs, but at the same time there could be some new bugs, which can lead to wasted time and energy.

When choosing an ecommerce provider, don’t be shy to ask him questions about the tasks that are connected with self-hosting, and integrated hosting solution. Integrated solutions mean the availability of the free software. Nevertheless, you always receive what you pay for. Sometimes maintenance system may cost quite a lot, as well as limitations for the processes, and you really can’t afford to do upgrading in order to make ecommerce solution fully all-in-one, which would support business goals of the online store of yours.


In case you are in lack of time or possibility to find a professional IT developer or to work on the coding yourself, or to download applications to perform every procedure you have to, think over finding a reliable provider of ecommerce that could offer you the best solution, which will be integrated and focused on the customer.

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