General Rules for Cleaning Wallpapers like Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper and etc.

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Today, wallpaper remains the most popular type of wall decoration. But over time, any kind of wallpaper is covered with dust and other types of pollution. Today’s article will be devoted to tips on how to remove contamination from Phillip Jeffries wallpaper or any other type without risk of damaging it.


It is worth noting that you can not wash all Phillip Jeffries wallpaper, for example, paper washing is undesirable, but vinyl, non-woven or paper with a special moisture-resistant coating can be washed and cleaned with confidence.

Types of labeling of wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper Mahones Wallpaper Shop is often made with a special marking that indicates how to wash the wallpaper:

1. One wave toin a square means that such wallpaper does not like washing. They should be gently wiped with a damp cloth or sponge, avoiding addition of detergents;

2. Two waves - wallpaper can be washed with a small addition of soap, but you need to do it carefully.


3. Three waves mark the most durable and resistant wallpapers to washing. You can wash them safely and with the addition of any detergent.

4. If you see the symbol of the comb in addition to the waves, then you know that this allows you to use brushes or a washing vacuum cleaner.


Let’s be honest: not every one of us understands the need for thorough cleaning of wallpapers. However, their washing is a must for a long list of general cleaning. Yes, of course, this is not the easiest process, but it is necessary.

1. Prepare the workspace: remove all the pictures and photos from the walls, move the furniture to the center of the room - so that you do not stumble over it during cleaning. In order not to damage your hands with picture hooks, hang pieces of colored cloth on them - so you will not lose sight of them.


2. Protect the floor from moisture. Do not forget to put cloth rags or sheets of paper on the floor to protect the surface from escaping from the walls during the cleaning of moisture. The fabric must absorb moisture.

3. Wipe the dust off and walls - this is the most important stage. The simplest and quickest way to do this is to wrap a towel or a cloth on the mop brush and wipe it up with a wall. You can also walk along the walls with a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter. Remember that the walls with wallpaper need to be vacuumed in the weakest mode, so as not to damage them.


Dry vacuuming

If you decide to wash Phillip Jeffries wallpaper, because they there is a layer of dust on them, then start cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. The fact is that a thick layer of dust without preliminary cleaning, will leave dirty stains on the wallpaper. If in an apartment the wallpaper is glued badly or simply with time there appeared places where they depart, it is better to vacuum at the minimum power.


Ready for washing

For situations where the marking on the Phillip Jeffries wallpaper or, for instance, Schumacher wallpaper allows washing and vacuuming was not enough, and the dirt on the wallpaper remained, then the wallpaper should be washed.


For these purposes we will need:

- basin

- a few teaspoons of liquid powder

- a small detergent cap (you can take a detergent for the floor or dishes)

All components must be mixed in a basin with warm water, the main thing here is not to overdo it and not to make the soapy solution too frothy, because we do not need a big foam for washing the wallpaper.

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Washing process

Dampen the sponge into soapy water, squeeze it well and wipe the wallpaper with it. Wallpapers are to be washed quickly and not to be allowed to limp. Do not wet the walls strongly, especially it is for painted wallpapers.


It is not recommended to apply force, otherwise the top layer of PVC can be damaged. It is better to try adding foam or experiment with detergents.

If the stain does not disappear after washing, wait until not only the top layer dries out, but the internal one, this usually takes about five hours, depending on the degree of ventilation of the room.


After washing, be sure to wipe the wallpaper on a dry cloth.

The wallpaper must dry - airing, drafts can cause the wallpaper to become unstuck.


Remember that every wash will permanently destroy the structure of the wallpaper, which will eventually lead to complete wear and tear and need to be re-glued.

  • How to clean Phillip Jeffries wallpaper from fingerprints?

In fact, all paper wallpaper can be cleaned from fingerprints with a regular stationery eraser. You can also use the old method - grind your fingerprints with bread. Gluten in bread will remove stains from the wallpaper.

  • How to avoid Phillip Jeffries wallpaper from greasy stains?

Apply talcum powder to remove greasy stains. Pour talc on the loofah. Rub it on the wallpaper and let the talc remain on the wallpaper for 10 minutes. Wipe the powder off the wall with a dry sponge or brush. Another way, with fat spots will help to iron, you should put a paper napkin on the stain, and then gently iron it with a hot iron.

  • How to wash the Phillip Jeffries wallpaper off the markers?

One of the most common contaminants on the wallpaper in the apartment is small children - wallpaper painted with felt-tip pens. Cleaning the wallpaper in this case depends on two conditions: what type of wallpaper is there in the apartment and what type of felt tip pen was used:

  • If any delicate wallpaper, such as paper or silk wallpaper, is glued in the room, the contamination can not be removed
  • If there are tapestries on the wall that can be washed and a water-based felt pen used, the simplest soapy water will help
  • For alcohol markers it is better to use alcohol (vinegar or citric acid also suits). Spread a little alcohol on the cotton pad and wipe the “pattern”, perhaps this procedure will have to be repeated several times.

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