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Do you like riding? And wants to ride the best heavy duty bicycles? So you are at a right place. Keep reading further to know more about best types of bicycles from Zize Bikes for heavy persons. You may often visit your local bicycle stores or search for websites to find the best bicycle as per your needs but still unsatisfied. But now you no need worry because only specific companies specialize in making bicycles for heavy persons. You will be glad to know that Zize Bikes is one of them even if we say that they are the king of the cycling world, so it’s not wrong. If you want to enjoy the cycling experience, then you must keep the few things and suggestions in your mind while purchasing the best type of bicycle.

1-Select Type and Style of Bicycle:

We are helping you out that how can you decide the best type of bicycle for you. There are several types of bikes for heavy riders which are out in the market, and every single bicycle has their features. But it’s up to you how can you find the right bicycle. Either you can take advice from any cycling expert or research on the benefits and drawbacks of the bicycle before purchasing it. Moreover, you must make sure it for what purpose you want to get a bicycle such as for ordinary use or heavy duty cycling. The heavy riders recommend heavy duty bicycles such as A new leaf, A new leaf 2.0, Time of your life, Time of your life 2.0, 29er Max 2.0, E3 Zuma Diamond frame, Samson 750 and much more by Zize Bikes. All these bikes for heavy riders provide different functions.

2-Find a Comfortable Saddle and Pedals:

A bicycle lover loves to ride his bicycle daily, and he never wants to feel uncomfortable after some time of riding. Therefore, the saddles of bicycle should be comfortable because a cyclist has to balance the almost all of her or his body weight on small sit bones. While purchasing a new bicycle, you should choose a saddle which adjusts the gap between your sit bones. One important thing is always to keep in mind choose the seat slightly wider but not too much larger which cause of excessive rubbing while riding. Also, find a seat post to fasten so it wouldn’t slip and tolerate the pressure. If you want to make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable, then you must choose thicker, wider and bigger pedals too.

3-Choose a Bicycle with Strong Rims and Fat Tires:

Before purchasing a bicycle makes sure that the best part of the bicycle such as Tire and Rims must be vigorous and durable. Big tires and wide rims of zize bikes are heavy duty and support weight better comparatively local brand. Moreover fat and broader tires perfect to balance and serve a luxurious ride.


The Best Types of Bicycles from Zize Bikes:

Zize Bikes is the well-known cycling brand in the online global market. Zize Bikes recognize by others due to its best kinds of heavy duty bicycles. Currently, it produces two major categories of bicycles.

1. Classic Bike

2. Electric Bike

Classic Bikes

1-Supersized Comfort Bike:

Do you love to ride a bicycle and searching for a heavy duty upright bicycle which provides you the comfort and relaxes ride? Then you are in the right place we are introducing the super-sized comfort bike, specially made for comfortable rides. It made with perfect material which always gives you an enjoyable ride. A unisex step through frame is used to build this bike. We make it convenient for you to jump on the bike and ride away with ease. You can move it quickly and feel comfortable and secure while riding this bike as we used 24" tires and designed it to ride lower to the ground.


It’s a heavy duty bike, and you can easily ride it on hills as it comes with a robust frame which supports up to 330 Pounds. The tires and tubes of super-sized comfort bikes are puncture resistant including reflectors on both wheels. These are the magical tires which have a self-repairing function.

The soft springs used to make the seat of this bike which absorbs heavy weight and vibration quickly. Wide saddle and good quality paddle integrated into the bike. The bike also has back brakes and a front disk brake to stop the bike safely and timely.


Assemblage required. We recommend you to visit bicycle shop near you.


It is the most selling model by Zize Bikes. The cause of the popularity of this bike is, it can be used as a traditional bike or also as a heavy duty bike. The shape of the seat is stunning. We give a full seating surface of 16" and over 2 ½” of thickness injected molded foam. Therefore it supports your complete body and gives you advance level comfort. The seat equipped with dual seat struts and beefed-up locking seat post tube. The seat is covered in a flexible waterproof fabric and comes with an attached backrest bag. The backrest seat is removable and adjustable you can remove it anytime or adjust as per your need it provides you complete lumbar comfort. You can easily put your feet to the ground as it has a lower seat. The Samson’s has easy to grip handlebars which permit you to sit up and relax, removing stress on the neck, low-back, shoulders, crotch, and wrists while riding on the road. Now we’re glad on introducing Samson latest addition to our bike collection.



Assemblage required. We recommend you to visit bicycle shop near you.

Time of Your Life 2.0:

The time of your life it the latest bicycle model from Zize Bikes. It’s qualities evident from his name. It is designed and made for the particular needs of heavy persons. It has all the qualities which are you looking for such as comfort, strength, and durability. The frame design is crank slightly forward which allows you to sit with your legs broadly.


The secret is in the design of the frame, which is built with the crank slightly forward, allowing you to sit with

It can support the heaviest weight up to 550 pounds. Time of Your Life the previous model of this bicycle is also available in our collection.


Assemblage required. We recommend you to visit bicycle shop near you.

Electric Bikes

Supersized Personal Activity Vehicle | Tricycle:

It is an electric bike and the most selling model of Zize bikes. It’s an electric tricycle for heavy persons. Due to customer overwhelmed response. We’ve now produce this modern bike with an electric motor. The motor runs on a chargeable battery which you can charge anytime. All you need is just to plug in the charger and battery will be the charge.


Its captain seat is based on an easy to adjust sliding rack which is thickly padded, adjustable with high back captain’s seat. Its height is 24.25" From the ground. This unusual three-speed tricycle has two brakes one is foot brake and the second is front tire disk brake.Just like all Zize Bikes this brand also consists of great tires and tubes. It’s also has a fix rear basket and rear fenders. This electric tricycle has incredible durability and comfort level.


Assemblage required. We recommend you to visit bicycle shop near you.

E3 Zuma Diamond Frame:

E3 Zuma Diamond Frame is an electric bicycle, and It’s just not a bicycle rather it’s an ultimate cruiser. It’s the most stylish, durable, comfortable and affordable bicycle. You can ride it easily on the roads and at the beach as well. It designed with an aluminum hydro formed frame and an over-sized chromyl fork. Its tires are incredibly durable and flat resistant made with 26 x 2.3" Kenda Kiniption, and with high thread count. The spokes of this bicycle made of number one quality stainless steel.


If you are curious about handlebars, then you will be glad to know that the handlebars designed to that position. A rider never strains their back, wrists, arms, and neck during pedaling. On the left side of the handlebars, a control panel given with user-friendly features which show basic LED lights to let us know the battery capacity and about drive modes. It also has 7-speed gear system. This fantastic bike gives the full strength which can support all riders of all ages. It can support the heaviest weight of up to 400 pounds.


Assemblage required. We recommend you to visit bicycle shop near you.

26" Step-Thru Interceptor:

If you want to ride with style and comfort, then this electric bicycle is best for you. It has convenient, user-friendly features and stylish look. This beautiful is bike is durable in quality and equipped with the powerful 500-watt motor. It has a light weight long lasting battery which is Lithium Ion with Samsung cells, 7-speed gears. It will show LCD Display with USB Charging port for your phone and other devices from which you can monitor your riding speed. Like other Zize bikes, it also has the quality designed frame, waterproof seat, self-sealing tubes, easy to grip handlebars, alloy rim, SRAM disc brakes and five levels of pedal assist modes. It is a heavy duty bicycle, and its motor gives the best acceleration for hill climbing. The tires come in various colors such as black, brown, creme, and gray.



We have the extensive range of heavy duty bicycles and bikes for heavy riders, but here we discuss the most popular of our company. All these Zize Bicycles are available in four different capacities

250 Pound Capacity

330 Pound Capacity

400 Pound Capacity

550 Pound Capacity

These Zize Bicycles are available in all the following sizes:

5' - 5' 5"

5' 6" - 6' 1"

6' 2" and above