Merchants who are planning to expand their online business should take interest in selling on Rakuten. It is one of the largest e-trade platforms. If you want to sell on Rakuten, you will join a huge pool of more than forty thousand vendors many of whom have achieved unprecedented success.

Rakuten Japan started its operation in 1997. This platform lets sellers offer their products to shoppers directly. The marketplace doesn’t sell goods. Rakuten is a good example of a pure third-party selling platform.

If you plan to sell on Rakuten you must be aware of the history and sales data of this marketplace. It has greatly expanded throughout the world. One of the ways of expansion it has used is acquisition of other firms. The examples are in the USA, Ikeda in Brazil and other enterprises. In this article we want to give you an insight into selling on Rakuten. International sellers who want to conquer Eastern Asian markets may look into other countries than Japan. Usually it is China or Hong Kong. They miss the opportunity to sell on Rakuten and enjoy one of the most interesting and profitable ecommerce markets. Japanese e-trade generates over ninety billion yearly. Over ninety percent of shoppers in Japan turn to Internet for their purchases so selling on Rakuten is a profitable business.

Those people who plan to sell on Rakuten need to understand how this marketplace works. It is actually an enormous e-shopping mall. Vendors who sell on Rakuten can brand their e-stores and make designs and functionality to their liking. Merchants who sell on Rakuten utilize the landing pages provided by the marketplace. They take shoppers directly to their e-storefronts. Vendors who sell on Rakuten can be flexible as far as their sites and utilize their possibilities as far as design and coding to their advantage. This allows them to display the goods for selling on Rakuten as they deem fit taking into account marketing concepts of their brands.


People who wish to sell on Rakuten need to have understanding of the type of goods allowed for sale on the platform. Also, it is good to know what vendors generally sell on Rakuten. There are many well-known brands that have their presence there and sell on Rakuten to have an opportunity to reach Japanese consumers and market their goods to them. Among them are such companies as Burberry, North Face and other firms. The pool of vendors who sell on Rakuten includes manufacturers/producers and resale businesses. Brand owners have an edge over other e-stores as they enjoy selling on Rakuten directly to customers and have better profits.

Vendors who sell on Rakuten offer many categories/types of products. Clothing can be named as the most widely sought category and gives great possibility for international companies to sell on Rakuten. Big names in any type of business area are invited to sell on Rakuten to satisfy the needs of Japanese consumers.

In this article we will give you the whole picture telling who sell on Rakuten and who shops there. More than one hundred and five million Japanese consumers use the site. It comprises over eighty percent of the whole population in the country. So vendors who sell on Rakuten are offering their goods to all kinds of demographic groups.


Vendors selling on Rakuten always strive to provide quality goods for lower prices. Same pertains to the content of their e-stores. International sellers need to make lots of changes to enhance the content on their sites. People who sell on Rakuten should realize that customers in Japan differ a lot from Western consumers. The focus of merchants who sell on Rakuten needs to be on quality. Japanese customers like to browse sites and choose high quality products. When it comes to content they are looking for e-stores that have detailed descriptions of items and good images. You may be curious why Japanese customers like to buy from international vendors. The thing is that they can reach a great number of brands that sell on Rakuten. Thus, the shoppers can enjoy large variety of styles/sizes of goods and more interesting pricing. Also, vendors who sell on Rakuten may benefit sizing difference between Japan and Western countries. Small sizes that are not popular in domestic markets can be easily sold in Japan.

Vendors may be curious how to sell on Rakuten. They need to know how to set up an account on this marketplace. Also, the questions of marketing and customer service interest them a lot. To sell on Rakuten a merchant will need to utilize a local company/bank account. International brands that are legally registered in Japan have easier process of registration of an account for selling on Rakuten. But other vendors need to utilize service partners to sell on Rakuten. Such companies help in running the e-store for foreign businesses.

Screening procedure for merchants who want to sell on Rakuten involves many areas. The company weeds out fake vendors and has to check many sides of business for vendors who plan to sell on Rakuten. Nowadays it is more straightforward and smooth. Before it was very hard for international vendors to be approved for selling on Rakuten. For example, reselling of goods is possible on the marketplace. However, the goods must be genuine. Only authentic goods are allowed on the marketplace.


So, where to start if you plan to sell on Rakuten? The first step is to talk to the company’s consultants. After that your company will be screened and vetted to sell on Rakuten. All this takes around a month. Only then you can start listing items and design your e-store. Provision of more info on your company is also beneficial. It instills trust.

As far as costs, merchants who sell on Rakuten can select a pricing plan that fits their budgets. Vendors who sell on Rakuten usually pay from three to five hundred dollars every month plus commissions (for transactions). Rates may vary depending on many factors. They include sales volumes of products.

Vendors who sell on Rakuten and many other marketplaces have some options to automate many processes including listing of items. Such innovative software as Shopping Cart Elite gives opportunity to sellers to focus on marketing their businesses. You can take a look at the services provided by SCE that greatly facilitate e commerce processes and help vendors successfully sell on Rakuten and other marketplaces.


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