HID kit is chosen by people to be installed in their cars just because they believe in getting better visibility and cool look. Not many of them wonder if using such kits is either legal or safe. So, here you have an article about legal and safe issues of HID Kits.

What is “xenon”? Gas-discharged light sources, or so-called “xenon” bulbs, consume much less energy compared to halogen lamps, and they shine twice as brightly.

Frankly speaking, he described here kits are not so safe, as many drivers think of them. And not as legal, as lots of people believe. To be prices, HID kits are both dangerous and illegal for all on-the-road drivers. We mean those xenon bulbs that come together with ballasts and with several wires. Here we’re going to call them “HID Kits”.

Projectors opposed to Reflectors

As a first, the important moment of HID bulbs usage for autos, not provided with such bubs before, is that headlamp housing isn’t gaged for it. In case your car was originally installed with headlight halogen bulbs zxe h11, calibration of the housing will take place for releasing of a particular quantity of glare above aclinal plane. This will help you to light up road signs and let you see in a poor visibility. The problem may arise in case you installed the kits but didn’t think over on the glare quantity that is sent above the aclinal plane directly into drivers’ eyes that are moving towards you.


Different people adjust to fluctuation of light differently. For example, older people need 8 times longer period for adjusting to intensity of fluctuation. A standard halogen bulb silverstar ultra 9006 produces about a thousand lumens against incoming traffic. That means that your headlights glare will be almost tripled.

Filament and its location

Halogen light source and HID bulb’s one – have you ever checked it? Have you noticed that the output source is different? Unfortunately, that creates not only a problem of shape, but also some light beam projection changes. With the fact that your car’s headlight housing were meant for halogens, but after were calibrated for a particular bulb, there is no doubt that physical intervention to the bulb properties will change beam projection negatively.


The question may arise – why not then turn the headlights down? The answer is – then what’s the deal? HID bulb is created for making visibility of superior quality. If you aim the headlights down, your eyes automatically adapt to bright light without seeing gloomier light off the road. It is very dangerous because your visibility is practically reduced and even an animal on the road may lead to an unsafe situation.

If your first and foremost wish is just to look cool, then you should know the following thing: drivers who install HID kits can’t afford buying new calibrated HID bulbs housing. Logical conclusion is, that there is no point in installing them if you can’t afford paying fees for illegal actions when suddenly caught.

So, ARE HID KITS ILLEGAL? Yes, they are.

ARE HID KITS SAFE? No, they are not.