The ways to sell on Google shopping

In case you sell on Google, you can enlarge the amount of the audience in several ways. For the store owners, Google has much to offer:

· Tools for growing business

· Services

· Retargeting


To sell on Google shopping is gaining more and more popularity for the businesses online. This method of paid advertising let have adverts for particular products. As soon as potential buyers look for the products they need specifically, you can see that images of your products appear in the search of the customers. Image/name/price of your goods also is shown with some other products. If buyers like what they see, they click on the ad and are directed to the site of yours, on which they can make the purchase. With Google shopping all products that potential buyer search for will be there above the first link, where it is paid with the most careful attention.

As for those who sell online, search ads could be also created by them. Not to deal with ad running of a particular product, one may place an ad to the homepage or to the collection of products. Such ads, as contrasted with Google shopping advertisements, they don’t have images. Nevertheless, if there are no Google shopping ads, then these ones are shown first.

There is quite a good benefit when you deal with retargeting ads of Google. When the potential buyer visits your online store, but without any purchase, retargeting is a good way to turn the browser on Google into a customer that will buy products. Each time that the client goes to your website, and there are some Google ads on the website, he will be shown with the retargeting ad. This ad afterwards will follow him on other websites in order to have the sale converted.

For those store owners who want to lower their expenses, they may use SEO to make sales on Google. Also, on your web store SEO plug should be installed, with the purpose to optimize keywords, images and so on. Producing content for blogs in order to attract more customers is also effective to provide value. Content with long forms has to include about a thousand words in a blog post. You may also use retargeting for monetizing the blog content. Nevertheless, you may always add the right products to the posts written in blog.


Products are found – where?

Products that appear in result of search have the tendency to perform in the best way on Google. If you are the online store owners who sell on Google shopping, you will for sure be eager to promote your products that ordinary customers are looking for online (as a rule these are some tooling, dinnerware and etc.). If a client is about to seek for the necessary product online in order to make a purchase, or just does some researching before making decision whether to buy something or not, Google is the best friendly platform for such products. Potential clients can be attracted with content (which is created due to the interest of clients), not short keywords (used both in the description and in the title). If you are eager to find the right platform among the best ones, with which you will efficiently sell on Google shopping; you may try, for instance, Shopping Cart Elite or Dropshipping application Oberlo.

If you work with well-known and high-demanded suppliers, such apps like Oberlo allow you dropshipping products.


The advertisers who place ads on Google may use various tools of Google Marketing, which are completely free. The following tools can be used by the beginners: Keyword Planner, which helps the right keywords to be found for the search engines to put your websites on top. For instance, if you are eager to promote your white shorts, you will search for the appropriate keywords for those white shorts. The location, as well as language can be changed, as well as filters for keywords – everything depends on where you want the advertisements to be placed on Google. As soon as keywords are entered, push the button on “Get Ideas”. This will give you the opportunity to see all the information of monthly searches, your competitors, and suggested bid. As far as competition level is low, you already know that not so many people use these keywords for their ads. Then, you make click on “Add to Plan”, and in which you will make the bid settings and find out what the traffic will be from that quantity. After that, go and click on “Review Plan”, and there your searching ad campaign can be created, which is based on these keywords.

If you plan to put your advertisement on Google Advertisement, you need your ads to be in the top-results of search; at the same time, the image of your content attracts newcomers, your potential clients. The next task is to create an account in a Merchant Center. After that, you have to give all necessary information about what you produce, including:

· Price

· Pictures of it

· Location

· Data feed

The next step will be developing the campaign in Adwords. There, you can set targeting on the basis of age, gender and other necessary information.


There is a nice opportunity for you to do ads of remarketing. What is it? This is when the customer having already been in your online store but who hasn’t purchased anything, is remarketed. Lots of blogs, as well as websites, work with Google Adsense, in order to gain profit; there is a wide variety of websites, which can place the remarketing adverts and show them on their platforms. Therefore, when a potential client goes away from your website and doesn’t buy anything, he may come across a site with Adsense, and there he sees the product, which was added to the shopping cart. This holds the brand and products at the top level and in mind of customers, and very often turns the cart, which was abandoned, to a purchase.