Using concrete in the kitchen or in a bathroom is still considered as an “up-to-date” design by many homeowners. Indeed, concrete countertops can create a look of modern minimalistic style, and also can ideally adapt to traditionally styled interiors, where concrete is mostly used.

Concrete take on the role of a substitute to many generally accepted materials. If you wish to use concrete to restore some things from your past, you can easily make a combination of concrete and some other element just for a long-lasting quality. To get better result, try to keep balance of emotion and innovation, modern and traditional. Additional variant is to use mosaic on the surface, or tile bits encrustment, or even embedment of fossil.

Recently we have restored California cottage. And with its style it changed from traditional to transitory. A big curve-like counter of concrete divides a space into living-room and kitchen. To avoid styles conflict of concrete countertops DIY, use sink of stainless steel, glass tiles in the backsplash and some traditional elements like classic plate holder.

For example: we have a “Craftsman”-style kitchen. Hypothetically. Then, cabinets would be frame and panel and flush-doorframed. In the dining zone use wood covering, and, probably, porcelain sink with some tile around it. The lighting may be of Tiffany or with beveled glass. So, which type of colored concrete countertops application will look appropriate here? Let’s consider some ideas of combination:

· Earth-toned or natural grey colors in priority, no bright colors in use.

· The countertop width or thickness should be from 2 to 5”.

· Panels are to be inserted into the countertop front face for the cabinet doors to be reflected in them. The depth of panels should be deep up to 3/8.


· As for mosaic, it can be grouped on the concrete surface with spacing of 1/4” or 1/8”; possible are trivets inlaid next to burners of the stove.

· Drain board should be lined into tile or marble sink.

Well, it won’t work if you use absolutely all accents described above. It is quite enough if you choose some of them to keep to Craftsman style. Concrete is an ideal material to make it look earthy and comfortable. Further on, it will be your and your designer’s decision what pieces should be added to make interior more personalized and individual.


Remember, everything is in the details. Much depends on them.