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Ways to provide click fraud detection and pinpoint malicious ad campaigns

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More and more marketers who are promoting their clients online, get alarmed with fraud advertisement taking place on the web and understand that the duty of paramount importance would be to detect click fraud and take some measures following click fraud detection online to get results. The reason of these concern is the increase in such instances. Total price tag of fraudulent clicks amounts to the shocking yearly sum of four hundred million dollars. Click fraud detection is a critical task nowadays. Ad fraud occurs, to put it shortly, when one makes a click with a misleading purpose having the intent to either grow profits of publishers or trick competitors into increasing their campaign cost.


There are many ways to detect click fraud, but it is not possible to prevent it completely from happening. Malicious bots and viruses may pose a large problem when it comes to click fraud detection. Recognizing the signs of malicious attacks helps detect click fraud and act upon it immediately to reduce the risks. How can you detect click fraud?

It is not easy to identify different types of ad fraud and to understand whether the activity of the audience is the result of genuine interest or the clicks are produced with a malicious intent to abuse the system. However, it is possible to pinpoint some warning signs that are essential for click fraud detection.


Whether you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, you should keep in mind that without significant marketing efforts it is almost impossible for your target audience to locate your content on the web. It goes without saying that the behavior of the customers online, for example, clicks and impressions may have its peaks and usually may increase organically during certain hours, most of the time in the morning or at night. So, if the peaks start happening in the daytime or when everyone is fast asleep, this kind of audience behavior can be quite suspicious, and become, a warning sign helping to detect click fraud that is probably taking place and to ensure the click fraud detection.

Usually, during the peak hours when clicks and impressions increase dramatically, the page views would also rise steeply. However, in this case, it is possible to detect click fraud by looking at static pageviews. They can indicate whether the real clients saw the ad or whether you need to start thinking of using click fraud detection tools.


The principal purpose of the marketers is to achieve the highest possible rate of conversion. To make sure marketing efforts and advertising dollars are not to no avail, you need to detect click fraud and take the matter of click fraud detection seriously. Increase in bounce rates, when visitors exit your site almost immediately, for example, would be one of the signs helping you detect click fraud if combined with higher than usual impressions and clicks.

To decrease the ad fraud and ensure the process of click fraud detection, you can take a few measures. First of all, you can protect your wallet by setting limits to total bids one can make during a day. Even if you detect click fraud and notice the excessive disproportionate amount of clicks, you won’t get an enormous bill and will reduce your risk to lose a large sum of money during one month.


Some other practical measures after click fraud detection would, first of all, be to avoid advertising your content in some countries that are considered “high-risk” when it comes to click fraud. When starting a new advertising campaign, try blocking such countries out and make sure you restrict the locales with labor rates that are inappropriately low where they can hire people to make excessive clicks to raise revenues of content publishers hugely. Likewise, all fishy sites need to be excluded from an advertising campaign by the means of initiating click fraud detection, as they may use bots instead of people for click fraud.

Serious online marketers also realize the importance of using the right keywords during a campaign and the meaning of click fraud detection for advert campaigns. Using unique long-tail keywords instead of generic ones will drive shoppers who are more serious about making a purchase and will significantly lower the price tag of your advertising campaign.


Obviously, if you want to detect click fraud and make sure click fraud detection will bring results, you need to monitor closely and track all your advertising campaigns carefully, taking in the account and measuring your site’s performance. There are some useful tools to help you do that, among them Google AdWords. It allows you to detect click fraud by showing the number of invalid clicks. Learn more about seo cooperation against click fraud.

Importance of Click Fraud Detection

It is critical to use a variety of instruments and techniques available today in order to detect click fraud. Click fraud is a process generally occurring when an individual or a particular computerized script (bot) mimics a web browser user clicking on internet advertisements with the intent to generate a charge for every click of the ad link without any relevant interest in the ad’s topic.


Bots can operate on multiple computers by using different commands sent to them by a single controlling source. One individual can manage thousands of bots. When a malicious program gets to a user’s computer, it constructs a fake profile using cookies. In this way a bot spawns the campaign of fake clicks and impressions with a single purpose to generate revenue from ads

There are software programs helping track the origin of IP address and detect click fraud. When clicks keep repeating for the same ad link from the same IP source within a particular time frame, it gets reported and marked. Then software programs take certain steps and measures following click fraud detection. Click fraud tracking can be also done using cookies, however this method cannot be as accurate as IP address detecting method, for the reason that cookies may get erased easily.


Even when it is feasible to detect click fraud, it is very difficult and most of the time almost impossible to initiate a litigation because fraudsters get very creative and keep inventing new methods of attacking computer systems.

Please visit click fraud detection website to learn more about click fraud detection.

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