Why SaaS Is the Better Choice

SaaS has turned into one of the most popular software delivery models in today’s day and age and there are no signs of its positioning slowing down. However, what is it exactly and better yet, why has it become so successful?

SaaS, which is short for Software as a Service, is essentially what its name suggests, a software that lets users connect to and then use to access cloud-based applications via the Internet. The idea of on-demand software came about at the beginning of the 2000s and although it initially held a lot of skepticism in regards to how secure it was, it has now been greatly adopted as its commercial advantages outweigh any dependability concerns. However, there are many other benefits to it, too. Let’s dive in.

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5 Benefits of a SaaS Ecommerce Platform

  1. It is cost effective

In contrast to on-premise software, SaaS is much more manageable and predictable, especially when it comes to the subscription cost as it comes with everything starting from the service delivery, hosting, and support and ending with all of the upgrades. The costs also end up being pretty low in comparison as the service provider simply shares their hardware, testing, and their delivery expenses with the rest of their users.

  1. It is simple

Arguably, one of its greatest advantages is the fact that it is so simple to adopt, deliver, and use. Since it is delivered online, companies don’t have to concern themselves with things such as installations, upgrades, or application support. They simply get access to the software from any place and they do so without even needing an on-premise IT team that manages the application. This helps ensure that the company is streamlined.

  1. It is scalable

This is especially beneficial to those companies that are growing as they don’t need to fret about bringing forward any new servers or increasing storage. Since it can scale usage either up and down, not only does it help with strategic planning, but it is also able to provide companies with a competitive advantage. Therefore, should a business be in a continuously changing marketplace, SaaS can help companies either expand or shrink, depending on the circumstance.

  1. It is secure

Today, the majority of SaaS solutions are very secure; that type of security would be very costly to attain if the solution were on-premise. Often times, they are run in different data centers that simply replicate the data and offer complete redundancy in the situation that something happens to one of them. They are also constantly being backed up, boast the latest security protocols, and they offer high-level service agreements. In addition, since data confidentiality is especially of utmost importance today, the majority of cloud centers are offering entire data separation that way tight data privacy policies are followed at all times.

  1. It is flexible

Just as people’s work schedules have become much more flexible, it’s important that the technology follows suit. SaaS makes it easy for staff to work remotely while it also benefits companies as it offers a lot of savings such as with regards to the number of fixed office workstations as well as servers. Instead, everyone is able to get access to the company’s applications necessary to work directly from a number of different devices, creating an entire virtual business environment for the entire company.


Now despite all of its advantages, it obviously still isn’t entirely risk-free, especially when it comes to those with unauthorized access such as hackers with nasty agendas. That’s why you want to make sure that you choose a SaaS ecommerce platform that continuously works on bettering their security processes and that is already quite secure. One such is our very own ecommerce automation software, Shopping Cart Elite. Keep on reading to get more information.

Shopping Cart Elite

Our shopping cart solution provides today’s businesses with a suite of applications that don’t need their own backups, server rooms, or storage around their office’s location thus keeping them from worrying about making sure that their data is secure. We make sure that everything remains secure by protecting customer information and we guarantee a safe shopping cart. However, apart from safety, we also offer a number of other features such as various payment options, speed, a responsive design, as well as follow up and abandoned baskets, to name a few. Let’s break each one down a bit further.


When it comes to security, we offer advanced security features such as our Rek9 technology, which is a secured bank vault system that stores credit card information along with other financial information that steers clear of tokenization technology. We are also completely PCI DSS Level 1 security compliant and each site gets their own SSL certificate. On top of that, we track traffic that comes in for active threats from bots or hackers.

When it comes to speed, we use advanced technology that drives the websites and ensures faster page speeds. In fact, sites can load within two or fewer seconds via our Hypersonic CDN and Global Content Delivery Network.


We also provide mobile websites that are 100% mobile-friendly through tests by Google. Therefore, regardless of where your users are looking at your site, their experience will be quick and nicely optimized.

It’s also worth noting how our advanced CRM software provides users with all that they would need in order to properly market to their customers. This is made possible by bringing insight into the company’s main touchpoints that way they can figure out what works well and what doesn’t. Through this information, companies are able to market accurately based on each of their target audiences. The best part is that all of the customer data can be found in one location including information such as contact details, order details, as well as lead status. This data helps companies follow up on orders much better as well as go after those who have abandoned their baskets.


However, we’ve merely scratched the surface so if you are interested in learning more, head on over to our site where you can try it out for free.

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