Why Your Company Needs a PPC Management Agency

There are a number of different ways in order to gain the top rankings in search engines, such as SEO and PPC. However, more and more, companies are leaning more towards PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, as it is simply a much faster process. The beauty of PPC advertising is that it is able to deliver targeted traffic. That being said, in order to make the most out of it, companies need to have expertise in the area, which is where PPC management services come in handy. Indeed, they have the knowledge and experience to properly review every possible aspect of your account in order to figure out how to enhance both the ad copy and the landing page. However, there is so much more to PPC campaign management. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Hire a PPC Management Agency?

One of the first things that companies will struggle with, should they decide to set up their own Google AdWords account, is how difficult it is to do proper keyword research. The thing is, keyword research is one of the most important parts as the wrong ones can ultimately eat up your budget with little to show in return. Yes, technically companies can use the free keyword tools that Google offers, but the results just won’t be the same as they won’t be able to gain any form of competitive advantage. A PPC management company, on the other hand, uses multiple sources in order to form the best big picture possible.


The next thing that a PPC agency can help you out with is creating the right kind of ad copy that way conversions are high. The thing is, PPC management services are able to perform competitive research, so they can find good copy, evaluate the competition, and then create the best ads based on that information. After all, every word plays a big part. With the right ad copy, you can see your click-through rate skyrocket, in addition, to properly conveying the right message. However, those who are tracking the information need to have a good experience in the field. In addition to tracking, they also need to understand where the sales come from. With proper analysis, companies will know which placements, as well as keywords, will bring in the most conversions.

An agency is also able to differentiate between CPM, CPC, and CPA as well as terminologies such as impressions, views, and hits; all of which are very important in the everyday management of campaigns.

When it comes to actually choosing the campaign settings, there are a number of different parts that need to be adjusted if you want to get the greatest exposure possible. For instance, geographic settings are helpful when you’re trying to narrow down the selection to a certain part of a country. However, figuring out whether you should be targeting locally, nationally, or even worldwide is a whole other feat in itself. You also have to figure out whether you’ll be setting up various ad groups for each one of them. Therefore, since PPC agencies have a solid understanding of those settings as well as how they can be beneficial to your company, you can market knowing that you won’t be overpaying for the same traffic.

A PPC management company is also aware of what a great landing page actually looks like as relevance is an important part of PPC. In fact, if your landing page isn’t relevant, then you can expect to spend way more on conversions. In addition to understanding the fundamentals of landing page design, agencies are also able to test out the principles. In fact, they use tests such as A/B testing in order to compare various landing pages to thus, boost conversions.


Another big advantage of working with a PPC management agency is the fact that they not only understand what click fraud is, but they are also able to combat it. Automatically generated clicks such as bots can eat up your marketing spend with little return on your investment. That’s why those agencies track everything going on in the stats and log files to make sure there isn’t any suspicious activity.

Since the sole purpose of agencies is to look after your PPC advertising, they are always aware of the latest trends in order to stay up to date, which isn’t something that you’d be focused on if this were one of your jobs on top of operating the company. The thing is, as a business owner, you’re most likely bombarded with so many other daily tasks that you simply wouldn’t have enough time or energy to properly manage your own PPC account. That’s why we really recommend enlisting the help of a PPC management agency. Down below, we’ve given a brief overview of what you could expect from our very own solution.


Threat and Engagement Analytics

The best PPC management company that businesses can work with today, or at least one of the best, is our very own TEA. By combining our powerful software with our Google AdWords certified staff, we’ve created a solution that is able to increase the companies site traffic while also offering actionable insights for how click traffic performs. Users also receive a visitor threat score from everything that enters the site while real visitors will get an engagement score. Through that, we can pinpoint whether there’s invalid traffic which can then be traced back straight to the source, giving companies direct access into specific and actionable data. As a result, companies can make quick decisions with regards to how to enhance your ROI. In addition, we can figure out who is human and who is actually a bot, based on the mouse movement of each visitor from every five pixels. Once the behavior has been recorded, TEA uses a number of algorithms to measure the visitor engagement score based on visitor behavior. Therefore, those acting like bots get a higher threat score.


However, there’s so much more to it, so to learn more, visit our website today!

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