If you are looking for an open source shopping cart, you may find Zen Cart to be an attractive option. It is an Ecommerce software that utilizes PHP as well as MySQL, offering a variety of useful features for online vendors. Some people though prefer different Ecommerce software such as Ubercart or others.

Web store owners who do not want to be limited by the number of items may choose this type of software after reading this Zen cart review. If you want to have a stable and professionally build e-shop, you can consider Zen cart as your choice of software allowing you to manage your items, price them and provide shipping options for your customers. You can do all these using administration features of Zen cart which are pointed out in many Zen cart reviews. Zen cart allows processing transactions utilizing credit cards and some other methods. You can get a more detailed Zen cart review on their site.

Zen Cart is an excellent piece of software for regular computer users with limited or no programming knowledge. In this Zen Cart review, we want to stress that this shopping cart can be easily managed by virtually any e-shop owner as it comes ready for use. Zen Cart developers provided automation when installing this software and the ease of managing the items is impressive as well. If you have a merchant account setup, you can configure your e-shop and start using it. Zen Cart reviews tell that if you want a unique e-shop, then you probably need to pay for customization of its look and features.

In this Zen Cart review, we give some basic info on this Ecommerce shopping cart software and its main features. For vendors who will be doing set up and maintenance of the software themselves, we can recommend visiting forums and read the info and documents online. For all types and levels of further customization of the software, you may need to hire professionals, namely web designers, and web developers to do it.


One of the enormous benefits of Zen Cart is that it is a free program and vendors can use it without any pay while customizing its code the way they need. Zen Cart reviews say that it is a powerful software with many useful characteristics. Many merchants prefer to utilize Zen Cart as it allows for modifications and adjustments to make it suitable for any business. Being an open type soft, Zen Cart is supported by many company’s professionals who are busy developing and modifying this shopping cart software making it one of the best among the comparable soft today.

It is important to mention in this Zen Cart review that this software is compatible and can be integrated with some standard gateways. It suggests that when you set it up on your site, you are prepared to accept payments from clients. One of the advantages of Zen Cart is that it can run on any hosting platform. People can also appreciate using the domains they own. Zen Cart features many templates that can be customized with compelling content describing the items including images.


As noted in many Zen Cart reviews, this shopping cart software allows showcasing adverts and banners. Another advantage is the option of managing prices, discounts and other valuable tools allowing to attract customers. Any Zen Cart review can tell that starting this software use is easy because the company is supporting its customers with some videos.

It is evident that if you wish to utilize this piece of software, you need to read at least one Zen Cart review from a real client for evaluation of the product to see the level of customer’s satisfaction. Some sites giving Zen cart reviews also provide info based on feedback from real clients. With such data available you can see more clearly the whole picture and will be ready to decide whether to use this Ecommerce shopping cart.


It is worth to include some technical details in this Zen Cart review. This software supports various platforms such as Linux, Mac, Windows and features multi-lingual assistance. It has SaaS deployment. The primary customer type is a mid-size company.

Video-based training, e-book and FAQ on Zen Cart website can help customers to understand the software better and learn how to use its basic features. Many commercial shopping carts offer too complex coding and manuals for a regular client. It is essential to point out in this Zen Cart review that developers of this soft were looking at needs of vendors who are ordinary people putting their wants and needs above all. Zen Cart is a type of shopping cart soft that provides a high level of service to its clients and much valuable info to set up and operate it without any need for hiring IT help. Many of Zen Cart competitors have a hard time sustaining a competition with this software, which is full of valuable features.


While doing Zen Cart review, it is worth mentioning that clients have access to the e-shop using this Ecommerce shopping cart software twenty-four seven. Updating items in the catalog is quite easy; people can do it without a need to have programming skills. Moreover, this shopping cart software boasts excellent security features, because all the data can be accessed only by authorized employees. When building the design of Zen Cart based store vendors can switch between templates quickly.

As we have already mentioned in this Zen Cart review, the system of discounts and rewards is available and can be put together for one product or multiple products. All data about goods is stored in the Admin part of Zen Cart, and this gives a merchant perfect opportunity to make changes and control the details with just a few clicks. Batch upload option is available too.


If you read a Zen Cart review or a customer’s feedback, you will learn how all the features of this Ecommerce software work and how it benefits both the vendor and the end user. Every merchant gets an extra advertising opportunity. Banners showcase info relevant to your company or your partners. Besides, the customers have the possibility of opening them in another window so that they remain on the website of the store. Zen Cart software is configured in such way that it allows shoppers to review the items listed on the site. Also, they can enjoy using such feature as gift certificates. There are many other useful characteristics to this particular software like scalability, multi-currency support, etc. You can find more info about Zen Cart from a large number of Zen Cart reviews on the Internet.

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